The Glacier attends Journalism Conference in Alton, IL

Lewis and Clark Community College
The dreamy campus of Lewis and Clark Community College. Photo by Jessica Kubacka

By Jessica Kubacka
Layout Editor

The Glacier newspaper staff embarked on a voyage to Alton, IL to compete in the 2017 ICCJA spring conference on April 6th and 7th at Lewis and Clark Community College.

Our competition at the Illinois Community College Journalism Association included representatives from Lewis and Clark Community College, College of DuPage, Illinois Valley Community College, and Joliet Junior College.

Prospective journalists sat through workshops that encompassed tips and tricks for an effective interview, real world photojournalism, producing effective advertisements, procuring effective sources, and even an information session on how to secure a job in journalism.

Keynote speakers Todd Smith and Stephen Potter shared with the audience their experiences in the field and how they got to their current positions.

Todd Smith, the opening speaker, gave an emotional speech on his vigorous work ethic; sharing a story of a time he and his other journalists were shot during a story they were reporting on. Stephen Potter, the closing speaker, discussed how he secured a job on the radio and later moved his career to film. Ever since, Potter has been procuring a career in acting, having some lead roles in independent films.

Paige Allen, the leader of one of the workshops- Real World Photojournalism- provided information on the need for photojournalists, the pressures of accurately depicting the story, and tips and tricks to getting the right shot to let the picture tell the story itself. Allen stressed how photojournalists really have two jobs: capture the right image and write an equally amazing article to correspond with it. Back in her journalist days, Allen said she would “rather bleed blood over her editor’s desk than write a fifth draft to her article.”

Nonetheless, Allen persevered through and now enjoys a career in public relations at Lewis and Clark
Community College.

Eric McRoy, leader of the “Get in Their Head: The brain science of producing effective advertising” workshop, led the class through a handout slide show. McRoy broke down a statistic from Digital Marketing’s statement which stated “average Americans are exposed to at least 10,000 ads per day.” McRoy expressed the exposure from hours in a day to seconds, and from there deduced Americans are exposed to an average of at least 6 ads per second.
Needless to say, advertising is everywhere and what we switch our attention to matters in terms of product, design and overall need for that product.

On the second day, April 7th, lunch was served and the awards were distributed. Our very own Ted Powers assisted in handing out awards to first and second division colleges. Unfortunately, Moraine Valley did not place in the awards, but we congratulated all the journalists in the healthy spirit of competition. Lewis and Clark won overall best in show; funny considering it was their college that hosted the event.

Next year, we hope to see familiar faces and procuring more networking opportunities.