Review: Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Picture from Nintendo

The newest game console in Nintendo’s cabinet is a console that not only travels with you, but can easily transform into a home console and is a complete set with controllers called Joy-Con. The controllers can be used in several different ways. One can either connect them to the console, Wi-Fi connection, using both arms as one control, or connected to a pad (which is the preferred gamer origin). Also, the console has a great multiplayer experience with a budding virtual console repertoire.

Despite not being able to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are still plenty of great games for the console. The multiplayer games such as Fast RMX is a fast pace, future car race that showcases hyper jumps, boost pads, and nitro boosts that can be done at sparring times. Sometimes sliding off into a crash or being stomped on by a futuristic spider robot can be just as entertaining in crowds. Bomberman R is an erratic simultaneous eight player explosion fest that will get players exclaiming, “I blasting off again” as they fly off the screen. 12 Switch is more of a showcase for mini games, and Joy Con’s functionality has 28 games inside one small package. I feel we may see games using these in future such as safe cracker being used in Skyrim (which is probably the reason some games are not instantly ported).

Virtual Console while sparse is beginning with Neo Geo every Thursday this month. They released a few games from Neo Geo as an up-scaled Virtual Console showcasing better sound and visual departure from the original. You can use settings to flip screen make game wider smaller upside down haven’t fully played with it yet, but it seems like it has more features to look into, can even downscale it to its original look, and feel of Neo Geo. Hopefully, throwback Thursday will expand to other classic consoles in the near future.

Global Test fire of Splatoon 2 was played with exciting groups of 8, just sign in and play 4 on 4 match ensues with one goal in mind, painting everything in your team’s color. Global test fire lacked in amount of time, only giving one hour windows for which to enjoy the game; however, that made match-ups go rather seamlessly as many people testing it at same time.

Can’t afford switch pick up Joy-Cons and Bluetooth sync almost seamlessly adding to the mobile control accessories. I used it to play Chrono Trigger on my smartphone while the response time on controls were valid there is a button mashing mini game. The controls may be slow response for that. Most maybe the emulator app fault.

In total, I love the idea of sharing games with many other people around me, with little to no set up. Having several options on how to play, in addition to where to play, gives this console it’s own unique flavor. Nintendo has done it again, in my opinion, while others are waiting for new games to come out before getting the console, this gamer will be searching for the next game to add to a budding collection.