Review: Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Poster
Beauty and the Beast Poster Picture from IMDB

The moment when someone sees a renovation of a classic movie It seems like a mystery of whether it is going to live up to the state of the original, and this movie comes close.

The new adaptation of Beauty and The Beast, strongly favor the original movie when it comes to the content of the movie. Director, Bill Condon does a magnificent job of expressing his creative direction while staying true to the representation of the original characters and story. We as an audience can see that the moral of the story still remains the same as the original, but has its own differences; for example, the melody or tempo of the song “Belle” it is now more in a spoken tone than in singing but still sounds true to the original.

The graphics of this compared to the original is quite obvious to anyone who has seen the trailer or the actual movie. The original was animated array of colors and unrealistic activities by the characters.

Nevertheless, the realistic version embodies those same themes through visual special effects. In the end, we can see that the setup of the movie is done quite well between real setting and edited. The one thing a true Disney fan might notice is that the setting of Belle’s (Emma Watson) house is different. It is now placed inside the village, whereas before it was just outside of it. The other thing that is noticeable is that the father (Kevin Kline) is represented a bit different, he does not seem as silly as the original character.

The beast (Dam Stevens) was out together very well. The animation that has been brought to life, the mask that was done gives him a great representation, and the actor himself does a great job at playing the part of the movie, and the romance that the viewer sees by the actors is very well done by both of them. Which also shows because of all of the actors that played the voices of the objects in the castle.

It is evident that the actors, the directors, and all of production who put this film together worked hard to make the film as close to the original as possible. Although it is difficult to transform an animated film to a realistic version and still give audience an outstanding experience, the overall appearance and flow of the movie is spectacular.