Moraine Valley welcomes new Student Trustee

Hana Asfar
Hana Asfar, the new student trustee. Photo by Anna Dencikowska

The previous trustee, David Shipyor, has departed the role of Student Trustee as it’s time for a new one to be elected.

Four hopeful students debated for the esteemed position of Student Trustee on Monday, April 3rd.
The event was hosted in the Library and was moderated by Kent Marshall, Dean of Students and Compliance at Moraine Valley. Kent opened the debate welcoming attendants and defined the position of Student Trustee to everyone in attendance.

“The student trustee is elected by students to represent the student body on the colleges governing board of trustees, additionally the position serves as the voice of the students to the administration along with the student government association,” explained Kent.

The trustee is also tasked with being aware of the issues affecting students and is expected to work to address these issues at the student government level which then reports to the board of trustees.

The four candidates in the debate were Hana Asfar, Rose Stovicek, Jacob Basa, and Jon Donners. The debaters had an opportunity to introduce themselves before answering questions.

Asfar shared that this is her first year at Moraine Valley while, on the other side, Stovicek noted that she has been a student of the college since 2014. Basa stated he has the leadership for the position sharing that he has experience working with the Roosevelt Institute while Donners credited his studies as a business and computer science student.

Moraine Valley is a highly diverse school so the debaters were asked how each student could best represent the student body at the college, including those from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Basa answered that he has an open mind and can empathize with all. Donners stated that he wants to reach out to all students and increase availability to campus clubs, while Stovicek shared that she wants to ensure that no student or voice on campus
is erased.

With the position of Student Trustee comes many time commitments and meetings which must all be attended.

When inquired if each could make the commitment effectively and confidently, Donners noted his exceptional time management and planning skills. Stovicek exclaimed that she hates being ‘stagnant’ and shared that she is excited by challenges
and multitasking.

The candidates were also asked to state why they feel they would make a good student trustee. Asfar responded that she can reach out to students very affectively with her out going personality.
“I think these characteristics would make a good student trustee,” said Hana. Meanwhile, Basa shared “I have first hand experience with the state budget crisis, as well as the ability to connect to the real fear of map grants being taken away as the college funding dwindles away”.

Later on Asfar, Vice President of the Arab Student Union, promised to work her best to ensure the students’ issues get addressed and that their voices and concerns are heard before the board.
After the event, voting was open and available throughout the week.

On April 7, when all the votes were counted, Hana Asfar was announced the new Student Trustee.
Congratulations Hana!