Congressman Dan Lipinski Visits Moraine

Congressman Dan Lipinski
Congressman Dan Lipinski. Photo by Tambra Bullock

On March 31 Congressman Dan Lipinski invited residents in his 3rd District out to one of his near-monthly Senior Fairs in the Moraine Business and
Conference Center.

Rep. Lipinski averages hosting roughly a dozen fairs a year throughout his district and has been holding these events since he came into office. He aims to give seniors a chance to get assistance with a variety of issues from his staff, as well as local organizations, agencies, and businesses.

The resource fair contained nearly fifty tables with a wide range of services. Vendors included senior healthcare providers, government and public resources, transportation options and services from Pace and Metra, tax information and options, the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs, insurance companies, hospitals and medical providers in the area, and banks. There was also a table from the office of Treasurer, Michael Frerichs on I-Cash, which provides people in the state with access to unclaimed money they may be entitled to.

Upon arrival Congressman Lipinski was met with several people who thanked him for all the work he has done and continues to do for those in his district.
Rep. Lipinski stated the fairs are “a good opportunity to invite seniors out to have them talk to staff and learn about benefits from state, federal departments, and private businesses,” noting how the event makes it easier for constituents to access and find services or information without hassle. In terms of constituent response, he stated, “people in the district seem very happy about it and there is often a large turnout.”

When asked about the movement in Congress to “repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act,’” he stated the opposition was “not there yet, the ‘repeal and replace’ option is dead. We need to repair the ACA. Republicans have sabotaged and stalled and offered
no solutions.”

The recently proposed Republican AHCA alternative healthcare bill was pulled on March 23, by Speaker Paul Ryan before it had the chance to be voted on.
When questioned about his thoughts on universal healthcare, he supported a public health insurance option but argued “we have to give insurers incentive and create a market for competition.”

Those in attendance agreed the fair served as a huge help. First time attendee Jim Steele stated, “vendors have been helpful with explaining what they offer.”
A woman named Sue previously went to a prior event in Orland Park’s library. She learned about it through a phone call from Rep. Lipinski’s office and stated she was, “glad to hear about a senior fair,” and it was “very helpful to learn about services and vendors.”

Rep. Lipinski closed by thanking attendees, telling them, “hopefully you find [a vendor] who can help you… my door is always open to you.”

He also went on to say, “We need to do more to help the ACA and make it better. I know how important services like social security and Medicare are,” and thanked the sizable number of veterans in attendance.

Congressman Lipinski’s website states he takes great pride in looking out for the interests of his district’s senior citizens and his office works to “help them cut through the bureaucratic red tape at home to get the services they need when they need them.”