Club Corner Spotlight: Moraine Valley’s Art Club!

Vicenente Carbajal
Art Club President: Vicente Carbajal Jr. Photo by J Will

This edition of Club Corner highlights the Art Club and its President Vicente Carbajal Jr.

The club encourages creativity of every kind. All artists and art appreciators are welcome to the fun and care-free environment.

We promote creativity within our members, other clubs and organizations, departments, and the community. Vicente uses art not for his professional goals but as a form of relaxation stating he often doodles after a stressful day. In the past, he has worked with ceramics during high school but now typically works with mixed mediums, including paint and crayons.

A sophomore at Moraine, Vicente is studying psychology stating that he chose the major because he enjoys “helping people and thinking things out.” Additionally, he is continuing his studies at ISU in the fall and plans to continue creating art recreationally.
Vicente has been involved with Art Club since his first week on campus. Initially reluctant to take on a leadership role, he has served as its president for the past four semesters. He has noted definite improvements in the club, with an increase of members and people who come in casually to help out, as well as a steady flow of about a dozen students who come regularly.

The club is currently working on a collaborative project. The project is a papier-mâché tree with origami butterflies meant to commemorate Moraine Valley’s “Rock Solid” 50th anniversary. The Art Club has also established a club slogan of “A.R.T.- Appreciate
Real Talent.”

When inquired for advice on how new people can become further involved with Art Club, Vicente mentioned an important piece of information for people interested or unsure about coming in is “It’s a great way to meet new people. You don’t have to be a great artist. It’s a chance to share and encounter new ideas in a non-stressful environment.”

To become involved with the Art Club or for more information, the club meets every Tuesdays from four thirty to six in room F159.