Women’s Rise in Technology


When it comes to the job market, the possibilities are endless when choosing a career. However, there are some that seem to give off a gender preference excluding those of opposite genders from pursuing their dreams.

This influence can be seen with gender preferences in examples of female nurses to males doctors, or female secretaries to male corporate leaders and so on.

Well in America now, tides are beginning to change and more and more people are setting out to pursue their dreams and casting aside the imaginary
gender preferences.

For example, in the computer industry, there is now a steady rise of women studying to pursue careers in computer fields; graphics, IT, coding, etc. This flux of women entering the field provide them a more advanced platform because before it was generally a male dominated field.

With their new influences in the market, it will bring a change into the offices, creating an equilibrium.

Going off women working in technology there are many organizations and helpful programs that will assist women in pursuing their careers.

Among them, is one that is local to all Moraine Valley students and that is the Women and Technology program. This is a mentor program special to the T building and all women seeking computer field careers. Founded by Angela Spyropolus and her colleagues, their goal is to extend the fields of the computer industry with the flux of women and provide mentorship and networking you the right sources to excel your career.

Among the program are Argon National Laboratory professionals, corporate owners, graphic designers and IT specialists.

Having been introduced to this program two years ago, I have never felt such an intense support system to help me through out my journey in graphic design.

If you or anyone you know is hesitant to enter a field, especially in technology, tell them to reach out to the local organizations. When it comes to women in technology the need is there and the opportunities will be handed to you if you ask.