St.Patrick’s Day Choral Concert

St. Patrick Day Chorale Concert
Photo taken by Kim Tarqueno

St. Patrick’s Day is on its way, and what better way to celebrate than to listen to traditional Irish music. The Choral and chamber concert welcomed the day ahead.

This concert was held on Saturday March 4, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Dorothy Menker Theater. Opening, the show was a true Irish Woman-Catherine O’Connell. She sang many great Irish songs for the Audience to hear and told great stories about her past.

The chorus sang songs that included I’ll Tell My Ma, The Salley, Garden’s Red, Red Rose, When Irish Eyes Sing, Carrickfergus, and Danny Boy. All the songs were a great way to get ready for a serious Irish spirit.

The concert was also fun for the audience because there were a few interactive parts to their songs. The Audience clapped, and sang along in the itinerary, sharing laughter
amongst one another.

The vocal sound of the group sounded very professional and had a great dynamic throughout the concert. The vowel of the singers sounded flawless when they sang the songs, which is a hard thing to do. Their projectile was at a great volume and the director did a great job of raising the pitch and lowering the voices of the singers to make the music
more inspiring.

There was a short intermission in-between the two performances and both groups did a great job in their task. After intermission, the groups sang Shule Aroon, Too Ra Loo Ra, Red is the Rose, Will You Go Lassie, Go.

The instrumental group did a great job with their part in the concert. They played very well. It was so soothing to hear in the audience. The acoustics sounded great throughout the entire theater-both groups did a fanatic job in dynamics, projectory, unison, and vowel.