Social Media and Your Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint
Your digital footprint will never be erased completely from online. Photo by Catherine Avila

Whenever you make a post to the internet, it remains online forever. Everything done online including social media profiles, instant message communications, blogging, everything posted adds to a growing digital footprint.

While inspecting job applications, employers will most likely examine a digital footprint of the applicant to see what they have posted online.

Digital aspects that could have a negative stigma are profiles with mean comments, Instagram accounts with unsuitable photos, or offensive Twitter tweets.

Positive things like constructive comments and uplifting blog posts present a more inviting image to prospective employers.

When faced with new career opportunities, take a moment to reflect on yourself. Consider what your greatest strengths are and what you can do to provide a better digital image to your potential hiring organization.

Consider your job strengths in categories like your people skills, for example. It is vital to think about how you appear to other people in the professional arena.

Some things to consider during reflection is your reputation, body language, your clothing, and what makes you stand out from other co-workers. Always try to have an optimistic attitude and carry yourself by attracting attention to your unique talents.

Branding has become a powerful way to stand out during hirings. Having a properly branded LinkedIn account can pay dividends over time.

It’s not just about having a few marketing pieces for a short time, it’s a never-ending process to continually brand oneself.

To brand yourself is to craft an image and draw the preferable clients towards you. It’s a good idea to craft a distinctive image that separates you from others in your field.

A LinkedIn profile is very useful in today’s working world. It’s an opportunity to network and have a detailed profile for future employers to look at. It can also be a place to record your past projects and have professors or managers write recommendations.
Social media has a powerful effect on the ability to find a job too. It’s an essential way to build a brand and network with other professionals.

One can research employers and the employers can then do the same to applicants. More than 80% of employers use social media to look up potential employees and ensure they would make a fitting addition.

If you have a misleading digital footprint, you can risk being turned down solely because of your negative online presence.

In closing, just remember to keep a close track of what is being posted on the internet. Repercussions of a negative internet presence can cause unnecessary hindrances while job-seeking.