Logan Movie Poster
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A young mutant comes along and accompanies the last X-man on a journey to protect the others who escaped the place they’ve been trained as killing machines.

James Howlett, Charles Xavier, and Laura Kinney are traveling to North Dakota to escape the people hunting Laura.

James known as the Wolverine is up to the task to protect this child. He is the one known as Logan.

Hugh Jackman stars in Logan, the final installment to the X-Men Franchise. Hugh returns as Logan. Co Starring along side Hugh is Patrick Stewart who plays Charles Xavier. This is also the final installment for Patrick Stewart. Laura or X-23 is played by Dafne Keen. This is Dafen’s first motion picture for this universe.

The movie is based off of the famous Wolverine comic Old Man Logan. The story is set in 2029.

This movie is about the last mutants alive. Logan is the only surviving member of the X-men. He suffers from Adamantium poisoning. His skeleton is made out of Adimantium.

According to the Marvel Universe Adimantium is the strongest metal in the whole Marvel Universe. Laura is made out of Logan’s DNA.

Which for a loner most of his life, is a change when his daughter comes along the way. Charles Xavier has to take medicine because his mind is a ticking time bomb. Throughout the film Logan becomes more of a father figure to Laura and learns how to take care of a child.

Logan is one of the oldest people in the movie. He is known as the Wolverine throughout the world. Logan was released on March 3rd, 2017. On opening weekend, it made 85.3 million dollars and it is continuing to rise throughout its release. This was an anticipated movie for Marvel. This was also distributed by Fox Entertainment. The X-Men is focused by Fox because they own the rights to the films.

The comic focuses on how he is the the last mutant on earth. The movie has 3 mutants on earth. X-23 was manufactured in a lab, but she has more claws than Logan. As a shield of defense, she has two claws in her hands., and also two claws on her feet.

Charles Xavier has telepathy still. The main antagonists are Zander Rice and Donald Pierce. Zander is a head researcher on the Mutant Weapons in a lab- played by Boyd Holbrook. Pierce is the head security for Zander’s lab. He has a metal arm and uses guns a lot in the process. His mission is to bring back X-23 and the rest of the lab subjects. Logan is one of the greatest Marvel Heroes created and ends the story of his life in this movie.

There are a lot of pros and only one con in this film. The CGI is amazing in this film, from the claws to the explosions. Dafne did an amazing job as a child X-23.
She played the character with talent. Logan fights X-24, which is a clone of himself. Logan went up against himself and that was one challenge that was a pro. The only con in this film is that this is Hugh Jackman’s and Patrick Stewart’s final performance as Logan and Charles Xavier. They performed these characters for 17 years and loved every second of it. It will not be the same without these actors portraying these characters.