Don’t Feed Into Stereotypes


Perhaps from the previous elections- Hillary Clinton may not have proven the world she should have the bragging rights of wearing the pants in the relationship, but just because she failed does not mean you will, too.

Parading with stained coveralls, handling tools, AND being a woman almost seems bad-ass. In times where “women are threatened by other women,” as stated by Jessie Schiewe, Music Editor of the San Francisco Weekly, following a pursuit a career as an Automotive Technician might allow me to beat those odds.

“There is always one female in the class who swears,” Bernard Kay, part time Automotive Technology Professor here at Moraine laughed.

So what- I might be the only female in the class, and the jokes may get sexist, but an auto shop is a place where gender restrictions, competitiveness and fear of obtaining a certain reputation might not exactly be as uptight as for instance- a hair salon.

Due to the lack of women in the Auto World, I have a promising opportunity to steal the lime light and contribute my own existence.

Women are largely outnumbered by the male population in this certain field, evidently calling a huge need for a nurturing woman’s touch in the Industry.
According to Bernard, increasing women employment at a shop might establish a firm foundation of trust. (Talk about putting on my big girl pants.)

Might it seem un-lady like to follow a non-traditional career paths? Possibly, but other women face stereo-types as well.

“The stereotypical Asian culture thing of a girl being raised to be very obedient, docile, and respectful- I was definitely raised that way,” Thao Nguyen lead-woman for the folk-rock band Thao & the Get Down Stay Down stated in the SF Weekly.

She then further explained the hardships of learning to embrace all of the criticism that comes along with responsibilities of breaking away from the labels.

Chances are plum that I might break a nail, trim an owner’s lug nut, or break someone’s heart.

But would you rather be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond?