Utilize S.T.E.M. Fields


The most rising positions and classes today are within STEM fields. Moraine Valley professionals gave students a chance to learn more about opportunities found within STEM and how to apply it to the job market. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

On February 15th, sponsored by the multicultural office at Moraine Valley, Michele Foote and Dr. Dana Cole gave further insight on how STEM was incorporated in their professional fields and how it can be applied to students’ future careers.

Michele Foote is head of the Nursing Program at Moraine Valley and strongly encourages students who enjoy helping people to try out for the college’s intense program. Foote emphasized how nursing incorporates all the components of STEM through mathematics involved in filling out prescriptions to computer documentation. Foote also mentioned how nurses will be more in demand as the baby boomer generation is getting older and will need taking care of.

Along with using modern technology, nurses have the opportunity to become educators, researchers, or even business leaders. Moraine Valley also hosts its own student nursing organization called S.N.O. meant for study groups and activism within the community. Dr. Dana Cole, the department head of physical science, was the second speaker that day, sharing his passion with chemistry. He began his educational career with an intent on becoming a doctor but soon switched majors after a professor presented him with a creative solution to mixing chemicals on a cart. Once he understood the basic principles of the elements and how they interacted with each other he went on to achieve his B.A. in chemistry at Northeastern University and his masters at Governor State. In Dr. Cole’s words, “Take as much science, math, technology and engineering classes, as you can”, emphasizing that these courses will benefit you in the long run with not just your career but being an informed individual as well.

For more information or help in deciding which STEM courses to take, tutoring office and the multicultural offices at Moraine Valley will help and educate any student wishing to participate. STEM field positions are on the rise and Moraine Valley is able to accommodate
potential students and offer further tutoring in the Tutoring Center or guidance in Academic Advising. Much of STEM is the building blocks of how things work and why they do.