Student Life host WELCOME DAYS


In the U-Building on Thursday January 19th, Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky” perked up student’s ears during the second part of Student Life’s Hawaiian themed Welcome Days filled with promising and exclusive prizes for participants.

Thanks to Moraine Valley’s main sponsor UPS, Student Life was able to give out multiple snacks such as popcorn, punch, various types of candy, enticing student gear, U Belong shirts, water bottles, key chains, and most importantly, the one prize most students competed for, a free lunch from the Grill.

“I see a lot of people are back,” said the manager of Student Life, Demetrius Robinson, as students waved to him from the lunch tables.

The main attraction in the Student Life corner drew multiple students to guess how many items were located in a Student Life bucket with the most accurate guess promised a $25 visa gift card.

“I guess 115,” Sebastian Kwiatek chuckled as he wrote his information on a piece of paper. Trivia lacked participants with only two students eager to answer questions regarding the Moraine Valley campus and its’ services. Kaitlyn Palakaitis, one of the Student Life’s representatives swayed four female students to participate in hula-hooping. Lindsay Goes won first place without breaking a sweat while Nikki D’Adam followed in second place.

Eventually, tug of war spiked up the atmosphere as students shared laughter and cheered their friends on as they used as much of their physical strength as possible to beat the opposing team. Kenneth Richardson, another Student Life representative also joined Team Winners, helping them win yet another game of tug of war. Peter Zanella and Gilbert Albores decided to face one another ultimately leaving the loser, Albores, with a bleeding finger.

Suddenly, the music stopped as “How low can you go!” was asked by Palakaitis, and the fun began again. “Get Fit, Stay Fit” stands welcomed new students to join the gym in the H Building. “We have a pool, free basketball courts, steam rooms, and many free weights,” listed Danielle Stark, an employee of the Moraine Valley FitRec center. “In addition to the gym, Moraine Valley has added a a KidRec for children to enjoy and use while their parents hit the gym”, explained Danielle Strohmier. KidRec includes features such as a climbing wall, game room, indoor playground and much more.

Any additional questions for new and returning students may be directed to Student Life in the U Building.