Alleged Podcast
The Alleged Podcast; Zach Door and Tyler Castro. Photo by Dominika Cudzich

What started off as simple conversation of common interests between two pals, bloomed into a weekly hobby that takes place in the newly built Quiet Zone Area every Friday at 1p.m. “We had our equipment set in my garage,” Zach Door, partner of Tyler Castro, explained their rough beginnings.

Being new to the campus and spending a few months exploring their horizons of opportunity, they decided to settle their self-bought recording equipment on Moraine Valley’s property. Though they lack students with a voice, they cover topics that are discussed on their podcast such as their class discussions, which they attend together. “We are always together,” Door chuckled. They touch base with politics, sports, and everyday life activities.

On February 10th, the day of an outrageous power outage, here at Moraine, at 10:40 a.m. The Alleged Podcast videotaped the chaos of the hallways. “3/4th of the campus was blacked out,” shared Castro. “They announced it over the loud speaker that there’s reported outages in our town,” he continued, coming to conclusion that there must have been some type of accident, but after a long hour of zero power source, they were able to hook up their equipment and start their 7th podcast.

They welcome all students to come and be heard, any discussions that students might want to further express. The two-man crew enjoy criticizing one another on the air, “You forget the most important things, and remember the least important things,” publicly stated Castro, and he wasn’t only referring to Door forgetting to stop by at his work, he mentioned his carelessness for school work as well.

The Podcast’s main priority as of now, is to get more volunteers on air. “We should probably stop telling people that we are suppose to have guests on, and we are not going to have guests on,” Castro stated with disappointment, “because it just makes us sounds bad,’ he concluded while mentioning Steven Bomar, a student and a drummer at Moraine who failed to appear. For more information on The Alleged Podcast, they can be found via Youtube, Tunein Radio, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Alleged Podcast.