News Print Is Dead Print


As emotional human beings, all love watching those entertaining videos filled with pretty pictures and satisfying voices commentators. Video news has been on the rise while print has been quickly declining.

Despite its growing popularity, there is something that video news lacks, or rather doesn’t lack, that causes it to not have the same legitimacy as printed news has maintained for so longer motion and evident bias.

Video and broadcast news has been a medium for biased positions on events from presidents to acts of violence within urban communities. Print may be dying from the perspective of entertainment but it’s legitimacy remains.

Print news consistently provides information using language that lacks a sense of bias or emotion, which gives readers the ability to thoroughly think through the facts on their own; without the added drama of broadcasted news.

Entertainment has never truly been the main focus of the news but video news and “alternative” news has made it more popular to create infotainment rather than factual news about the events that are taking place.

Although print is dying in popularity, video news can never compete with the seemingly more accurate print news. When looking at some statistics for what form of print news is most popular to be read- a good old fashion newspaper towers over desktop and mobile print news at 54% in 2014 and a slight decrease in 2015 at 51%.

The decreasing rate of the print news isn’t huge yet, but given that the advertising revenues of print news has been on a steady decline and digital news advertising revenues have been increasing at a faster rate, that means that print news will be a less active medium for news because of lack of revenue.

From the decrease in revenue for print news and the constant rate increase of revenue from broadcast news, it is evident that entertainment type news is becoming far more popular, than news that is factual. Print news is on a decline along with true news.

The rise in over dramatic broadcast news has caused this drop in print news revenue. This in turn, is causing a lack of motivation for print media. When comparing how Americans get there their news. There is constant trend of viewership of about 87% in television and 61% in newspapers. Before 2010, newspaper viewership was upwards of 80% and television was at a rate that was similar to that. When looking at the trust people have for their sources of news, you can see that 50% of people trust electronic news and 44% of people trust the news when it comes directly from the news source. The statistics show that print news is sadly dying and electronic news is on the rise.

This comes with the sense of entertainment that people feel from video news and that is something that print news lacks.

There will always be a sense of legitimacy that comes with print news. Rest in peace print news, you will be missed.