The decision making of emotionally expressing oneself on social media or not, might significantly interfere with potential employers- click, it just might not be that easy.

Career Planning class, of Gloria Staraey, Counselor at Moraine Valley Community College, welcomed its doors for a lending hand. Tamima Farooqui, Coordinator of Job Resource Center shared some tips on the importance of brand identity. The objective of the presentation was to show, “how too social network yourself and look good for other people,” as stated by Leilani Salgado, a student at Moraine steadily continuing her studies for the third semester. Setting groundwork and putting strengths, were strongly emphasized. But most importantly, “Know your filter,” repeatedly commented Farooqui.

Through studies shown during the presentation, 90% of employers look at potential employees’ social media web sites, playing a crucial role in one’s reputation, and chances of potentially landing a job. “Remove vulgar posts,” recommended Farooqui, as she continued to deliver her message for the younger audience.

For all students at Moraine, Farooqui not only offers, but also requests to enhance Linked In Profiles, by appointment only- allowing to expand networking and connections within the community, industries, professors and students. As Peter F. Drucker once found a strategy for small business manegment entrepreneurs and shared, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”