Love floating in the Air Everywhere in the U

valentines day in the U building
Students preparing for speed dating Photo by: Kim Tarqueno

Cupids arrows flew through the air striking lonely hearts campus wide during Student Life’s Valentine’s Day celebration. The event brought the student body together in a new, exciting, and intimate encounter like no other.

The Valentine’s Day Celebration took place from February 13th until February 14th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Student Life’s event was held in the U Building and the adjacent Student Life lounges. Valentine’s Day table décor, pink and red streamers, red hearts, as well as multiple balloons draped and decorated the lounge in the U building. Valentine’s Day music and love songs played throughout the U building during the event adding to the festive atmosphere.

For flirtatious and festive students who dressed in red and participated in trivia, Student Live gave out free cupcakes and Valentine’s Day cards. In addition, Student Life arranged a classic dating game and speed-dating as well.

With only a minute and thirty seconds able to spend getting to know each other, speed dating proved itself to be a lively event for the students. Male students lined up one end of a narrow table as their female counterparts lined the other.

When the time ran out, singles shifted seats and began a new mini date with another person. Afterwards singles wrote their best match on the back of a paper. Winners were announced when two people successfully matched each other. The participants of this event were given chocolate hearts and an exciting chance to make new friends around campus.

The alternate dating game was an homage to the classic 1965 television show. One contestant sat alone with a wall separating them from three bachelors or bachelorettes.

Without being able to see the possible suitors, the contestant must get to know them by only hearing their answers to questions asked. Bachelors and bachelorettes were blind folded and the contestant asked several questions to them to determine compatibility or attraction.

Afterwards, the bachelors and bachelorettes got to ask the contestant questions about their selves until the final elimination round. The matched winners of these events were presented with a choice of prizes they could pick together.

Prizes included a choice of teddy bears, milk chocolates, blankets, and many more charming items to share with their new Valentines. Information on future Student Life events can be found in Building U, Room U115 or by calling (708) 974-5717.