Ryan Budds
Ryan Budds, MVCC alumni, Comic, and Hollywood Writer

When it comes to hard work and dedication, Ryan Budds is no stranger. This Moraine Valley alumni is making a name for himself in Hollywood, and is on the rise to the top of the entertainment business.

Coming from a humble beginning, Ryan always wanted to make others laugh. He even insisted that he could amuse his fellow classmates just by striking the funny bone in one of his childhood friends who had the most outrageous snicker. By getting his friend to laugh, Ryan knew that it would make others laugh as well. Budds asserts that ever since that experience in grade school, he knew that he wanted to bring joy to others through the gift of laughter. Budds’ journey to success began as a sophomore at Alan B. Shepard High School when he became a member of the speech team and drama club. He competed in events for original comedy and humorous interpretations including taking on different character roles in school plays.

The experiences provided Budds a platform to express his comedic and acting abilities. He described his theater experience in high school as “getting a taste” for performance and comedic writing. That taste for performing led to a strong craving to entertain more audiences. Budds began to perform at local comedy clubs and open mic events doing standup comedy.

Through his college years, Budds continued to work hard at his craft along with maintaining academic success. After graduating from Western Illinois University with a degree in English. He came back home and worked at Moraine as an IT specialist for approximately three years. Budds expressed that although it was a great job with great benefits and responsibility, he knew that comedy was his passion and he refused to settle. “[I] Never can invest everything you want into being a performer, so I just did it.” He then followed his dreams and moved to California afterwards.

Since then, he has taken on numerous acting roles from movies to television sitcoms and even fulfilled production roles behind the scenes. He started off playing an extra in an episode of the very popular comedic sitcom How I Met Your Mother playing Carly’s hipster, roller skating friend. He hustled his way into the role by learning how to roller skate in two days and nailing his performance.

The staff on set were so impressed that they even asked him to assist the other actors on learning how to roller skate. Since then, he has appeared in well-known productions such as the television show Rules of Engagement and the made for television movie Sharknado. Budds also has associate producer credits for the television series Crashletes and How I Met Your Mother. Budds continues to work on his comedy by humorously hosting trivia events and game nights at different venues. He ensures that one day he will be writing for his own television show and continuing to connect with people through the language of laughter.