Chicago Wolves Clutch 3-2 Victory

Bryce Gervais
Chicago Wolves Center Bryce Gervais scored a goal on Sunday nights game against San Antonio Coutresy of the Chicago Wolves

[one_third] The Wolves pulled through with a close 3-2 victory against the San Antonio Rampage on Sunday, February 12th.

The Wolves took to the ice full of energy and ready to take on the Rampage, applying offensive and depressive pressure the moment the puck dropped. The Wolves dominated on both ends of the ice throughout the first period. Goalie Jordan Binnington’s tested the limits of human ability with his unbelievable saves. Wade Megan also showed some great defensive awareness, with the 194 pound center pulling off a beautiful defensive play that stopped a potential goal in the first period. Megan proceeded to put his dangles on display flying past defenders of the Rampage. Although he couldn’t finish the play, his evident skill put the Rampage defense on their toes.

Throughout the first period the Wolves had a little trouble staying out of the penalty box, granting the Rampage two power plays. But the Wolves showed their superior defensive skills under pressure and fended off the Rampages hard headed offense. In the 2nd period the Wolves continued to show their offensive and defensive skills, putting more pressure on the Rampage’s defense and making plays caused chaos amongst the Rampage’s players. Using the confusion to his advantage, Bryce Gervais found the back of the net with a beautiful goal By Paul Komskis Staff Writer near the end of the 2nd period—in spite of the Wolves having a one-man deficit on the ice due to a penalty for Andrew Agozzino. Shortly after the goal, the Wolves faced yet another penalty leaving them in a five-on-three situation. The Rampage quickly capitalized and answered with a goal of their own.

Coming off the penalty, Agozzino wanted to show his Connor McGregor moves and rocked Rocco Grimaldo, taking him down. Binnington came through again, keeping his composure in the final moments of the 2nd period and making unbelievable saves against a heated Rampage offense. Starting off the 3rd period, Petteri Lindbohm of the Wolves sent a deadly sniper shot into the net giving the Wolves a one goal lead. After the goal the Wolves’ defensive end intensified, putting tons of pressure on the Rampage. The Rampage’s left wing Gabriel Bourque bypassed the hard defense of the Wolves with a skillful goal, tying the score at 2-2.

The goal energized on the Rampage’s offensive end, but the the Wolves defense quickly took them down a few notches. In the last 5 minutes of the game the Wolves set their minds to get a goal, showing off their incredible passing and awareness on the ice, leading to James Wisniewski slapping in an incredibly clutch goal that pushed the Wolves back in the lead.

The Rampage pulled their goalie, but struggled in the final minutes to find the back of the net and score a tying goal. A nail bitingly close match, the Wolves pulled through with the win. Lindbohm commented on the performance of the team during this game saying, “After our last game, the guys were tired, but they still continued to stay focused and strong to get the win.” Focus seemed to be a main point for the team this game. Gervais also had a comment on how the team dealt with the close game and the defensive pressure of the Rampage saying, “The defense was something we had to pay attention to. This was a close game, and the best thing we could do was find holes in their defense and score goals.” That is something the Wolves definitely did well under the pressure of such a close game against the Rampage. [/one_third]