An Astounding Victory for Men’s Basketball

Moraine Valley Cyclones Forward Joseph Ruzevic
Moraine Valley Cyclones 2nd year Forward Joseph Ruzevic drives against Wabaunsee Community College Photo by: Cristian Alvarez

[one_third] The Cyclones squared off against Wabaunsee Community College on last Thursday for a home at the Fit Rec Center The Cyclones started off very strong in the first half with constant battling on both ends of the floor.

The Cyclones racked up the offensive side with the help of second year guard/forward Joseph Ruzevich, who came through with some huge plays in the first half. Second year guard/forward Tommy Demogerontas, joined the fun connecting on the offensive end and the charity strip.

As the first half-closed, the Wabaunsee Chiefs became more aggressive on the offensive end as the capacity crowd was on the edge of their seats. The Chiefs traveled well as their fans cheered as they connected of several thrilling shots in the back and forth battle with the Cyclones. But, the Cyclones began to pull away with some key field goals from Demogerontas leading the Chiefs by 10 with a score of 58-48.

The second half began like the first, where each team displaying impressive offensive prowess on keeping the score close. Demogerontas continued his onslaught on the offensive end helping the Cyclones maintain a small but precious lead.

Key defensive plays from second year forward Luke Hook, who rejected a Wabaunsee’s player shot sent the capacity crowd into a frenzy yelling “Go ahead!”, as the ball went flying across the room and hit the wall. Hook also contributed to of the offensive end down the stretch as he “swooshed” in a pair of key free throws. Second year guard, Nick Sims, contributed with crucial few free throws as well.

As the game continued the other team began to catch up to the Cyclones again when they made several free throws and a couple of three pointers. The Chiefs made their final run toward the 5-minute mark of the second half cutting the Cyclones lead to two. That was the closest the Chief would get as the Cyclones held on to win 118-114 due to the play of Demogerontas who ended the game with 41 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 2 steals.

Besides Demogerontas, the four other Cyclones scored in double figures including Jason Rowland scored 16, Jaelon Wilson tallied 14, Nick Sims posted 13 and Leron Williams added 12. [/one_third]