[one_half] Freedom, or constitutional freedom, is the act of doing as you wish without impeding on the rights and freedoms of others.

This means that you have the right to say and do as you feel. You have the liberty and right to have complete control of your life. It doesn’t matter who you appease or who you offend, as long as you are not harming or infringing them on the constitutional rights of others.

The freedoms that we are granted upon living here in the United States; however, gives us all responsibilities of the success, failures, good works, and misdeeds.

The responsibility that comes with freedom is also determined upon ourselves. If we fail as a human being it is our responsibility to take action for it, and to understand that is our job to take care of our failures. If we; however, succeed, this grants us the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back whenever we do achieve our accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of our successes.

Freedom to many people simply means to live at your own leisure and at your own risk. We have the freedom to say and act as we please, within the boundaries of the constitutional legality; however, our behavior affects the number of opportunities and status in life. Everything in life has a cause and effect reaction to it, and our actions and words are half the equation.

Accordingly, our freedom is a great power and responsibility because we can do great things for ourselves, but we can also do some serious damage to ourselves and the ones we love. Freedom is in essence of the greatest double edge that we have here in the United States, as there are no chains attached to us as long as we are willing to put the work and claim full responsibility for our actions and impact on our communities. We have a right to individual agency, the right to be your own person, our freedom; however, isn’t freedom from responsibility or freedom from differing viewpoints.

If we are all to have freedom in the spirit of equal opportunity, we are not to selfishly defend our own freedom while our fellow citizens have theirs trampled. In order for there to be freedom, there must be principles of freedom. As an American society, this is what makes America such a great nation of citizens who abide by our constitutional birthright of liberty, thought, and of action. A group of individuals who may not agree on everything, but respect each other’s boundaries as human beings, and as fellow citizens are what is arguably the value we have [/one_half]

[one_half_last] Freedom means to be yourself and live the life you desire without any obstacles holding you back. It’s the wish to break free from the chains forced onto you by society and people.

It’s the freedom to walk whichever path you crave, not have your mother or father push you down the same road they once walked down, but to create your own and lay the foundation down on a bulky boulevard. It’s the freedom to love whoever you want and to be whoever you want to be.

Freedom to me is being to be able to live and love in a country which I am not yet a citizen of. To be able to walk upon these lands under the star free sky of Chicago’s skyscrapers and create my own stars in the eyes of my loved ones that I would never have met if I didn’t board the plane from Sweden two years ago. I am able to pursue my dreams of writing with the full intent of my heart and refuse for it to be nothing but a pipe dream that I still long for as I lay on my deathbed with sheets made of despair and lost hopes.

Even when people step down on me with the heaviest winter boots, freedom allows me to rise up again and patch my self up with the visions of my soul. I know I am free to be whoever I wish to be and to live the life I yearn for during the darkest nights. And no one shall ever take that freedom away from me.

We all walk on the same earth in our brief lives, so why should we let our dreams be dreams when we have the freedom to live? We may face impossible barriers in our journey, whether it be the people around us pushing us down because of our lifestyle or career choices, or a society blocking our basic human rights. Some of us may never be able to leave that prison and must spend our days in a cage where the sun doesn’t shine, that kind of prison is where freedom won’t bloom.

Despite the lack of flowers, it’s important to allow rain in your life, because the rain nourishes your dreams and make them stronger.

Freedom never came out of a sunny day on the beach, no, it grew from the damp dirt after a storm. All of your pain and all of your hardships may seem overwhelming now, but remember, they are vital ingredients for freedom. To be you, to be me, to live a life worth living – that is freedom. [/one_half_last]