MVCC Speech Team
MVCC Speech Team celebrating another win Photo by John Nash

The Moraine Valley Speech Team participated in the Harper Community College Speech Tournament on February 17 and February 18.

The team gained a victory in the two-day tournament at Harper Community College in Palatine, IL.

The Moraine Valley Speech Team has been making great efforts in their speech tournaments. For the past two tournaments, they have been claiming the top three places and claiming individual awards
for each member.

The team “Flew the W” after they heard the first place sweepstake award. On a Bronze, Silver, and Gold scale, Moraine’s Speech team won 10 gold medals and 14 silver medals. The team members who received awards include: James Smith, Kacey Nichols, Curtis Griffin, Haley Carrera, Damian Samsonowicz, Mason France, Kirsten Baity, Yasir Muhammad, Zinnia Lampkins Kayla Mejia, Kenneth Smith, and RJ Dusek respectively. This competition saw the speech team facing new challengers and schools outside the state, however, the whole team did an amazing job with their pieces.

The colleges from out of state had a lot of talented members in each category. The categories team participate in included: Informative, Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry, Persuasive, Speech to Entertain, Prose, Duo Interpretation, Communication Analysis, Exempt, Impromptu, and Group-Com. Group-Com was an experimental round where some of the members got to work together.

Members Haley Carrero, Kacey Nicols, James Smith, Zinnia Lampkins, and Damian Samsonowicz were able to participate in the experimental round of Group-Com. In Informative, Damian Samsonowicz, Haley Carrero, and RJ Dusek had the chance to break into the final round with their pieces. In addition, poetry participants Mason France, Curtis Griffin, and RJ Dusek broke their pieces for the final round as well.

Everyone on the team had enough momentum to get through the two-day tournament. That momentum paid off in the end with the 1st place sweepstakes being awarded to Moraine Valley Community College.

The team sacrifices a lot of their time together and have become very close, almost like a family. The closeness has helped them become an unstoppable force that cannot be broken. In the end, the Moraine Valley Speech Team enjoys every moment they have together, whether win or lose.

The Harper tournament is their last tournament for the regular season. The team is now preparing for State, Regionals, and Nationals. The State tournament is being held at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. Regionals will be held at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois and Nationals is being held in Washington D.C.